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08 July 2007 @ 09:52 pm
To be truthful, TT's my life now and I haven't been able to remember my days before TT ... and now I want to share it. Previously, I have no idea how the computer could have been more important, but it did, and that was TT... but anyway, I was crazed with role playing. Then I met a friend. Her name was Felicity. I was extremely close to her, we shared many things in common, and then she made a site, and I was her Co-Admin. I stepped down due to inactivity and made myself more active. I was itching to become Admin again, but... I chose to wait. In the end, we had a 'row' as British people call it, and I couldn't have been extremely more hurt. Though... we parted of ways and I only remembered of her until now, when I started a new RPG board... and wonder if I should contact her again.

It seems a bit stupid talking about it, seeing as she was nothing but an online friend, but I suddenly realize what she said which stuck in my head forever. "I don't want us to be enemies, so please stop bugging me." See, the thing is, I was 'bugging her' about reopening her site again, which I felt, was also extremely close to my heart, and then I told her not to give up on it, then she said that. I didn't reply to the message, and as I said, feeling hurt... then my cousin told me about Three-Tasks... and I forgot about her completely.

Like I said, I remembered her just now and wonder if I should try contacting her. I can't even smile at my sister's jokes because I just remembered it. Well, this turned out to be a sad entry. xP
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17 June 2007 @ 08:51 pm
I've damn had it with my cousin!!! No, no, not the one who lives with me. X_X. I won't say a name but I'll call her "Lucy" because I can't go on saying cousin. SHE HAS BEEN HELL SINCE ... SINCE... OCTOBER LAST YEAR!! She is the crankiest, most spoiled, annoying, cousin and person and girl and human being on this earth! I know I sound kind of dumb saying this... but I HATE LUCY! Going home with my uncle CANNOT get any worse. He picks me up, and obviously has to pass by the elementary to get Lucy as well. By that time, she is hungry. When she is hungry, she is cranky. When she is cranky, she screams.

"DAD!!! I - WANT - CHIPS!!!" the same thing every single day! I pity my uncle and aunt - they're just not firm enough for her! In the end, she ends up screaming her damn head off, and my uncle buys her chips at the gas station. Then if I talk, she ends up spanking me. (So I've been avoiding talking to her or to anyone when she's around these days.)

Whenever I babysit her, there's always a reason to get mad at me. ALWAYS. Honestly, if I wasn't nice, I'd kick her a**. Honestly, it's sad she has a cute adorable little sister. She's being influenced; she now spanks, pulls hair... and... she borrows my stuff without asking. Not the sister, Lucy. UGGHHHH... she is such a b****.

If you're wondering where my other cousin is, she has to stay after school for sumthin. A bit private. <_<

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16 June 2007 @ 01:58 pm
... writer's blocked.

honestly! For a month and a half I have not been able to write anything except a few pages... it's really bugging me now, and I can tell no one. V_V That's coz no one cares. My parents are fully supportive of me writing my novel, but they couldn't care less about me not writing more than 63 pages. I love them <3, but they're busy doing other things and I do appreciate the time they do to do that, but they're not really... writers who have a wild imagination. *shrugs* back to the crisis... it's really not me just not being able to write. I've always had the motivation to write, but in my novel, I can't go any further than, "Thank you, Eloise," said Trissan. It's really bugging me. UGGGGGHHHHHHHHH...

on a happy thought (SMUTERFN), nobody knows of this except my teacher, Mrs. Gardner-Everton. She's not the most understanding teacher but we have a way of talking to each other through journal. She tells me to keep writing and just keep adding small parts, she doesn't care how long she takes I write, but as long as I finish it... eventually. *sigh*

eh, I'm happy now, though, after a whole hour! *gigglesnorts*

see yer!
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10 June 2007 @ 01:33 pm
this is pissing me off. end of story.

screenshots are totally hard to find out with a laptop that's only sold in asia and Australia. I'm so ... FRUSTRATED. I can see the button. Right there. The very highest one second to the right. Though it has two pieces of text on it: INSERT AND PRT SC. HOW DO I USE THE SECOND ONE?! it's either i use ctrl prt sc, or alt prt sc, or shift prt sc, but no matter what I do, i can't paste it on paint, ms word (it just ends up to paste the last piece of text i copied), or gimp.


i'm making a book, see, and i'm currently on writer's block. V_V I write the stupidest things ever. =P somethings about a silly girl who's pissed off by girls and likes to tease boys. (see what i mean?) so that's why i'm so frustrated today.


uhmm... well, that's about it!


now. i'm off again to yahoo! answers to see what they have in store for me now. *facepalm*
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09 June 2007 @ 12:20 pm
ahhh!!! thank lord it's the weekend. went to science world yesterday. the most uncomfortable movie - 'the human body' was shown and I just grossed myself out. its a bit interesting though, despite the totally grossness of it... then we had some things to do in the lab. i also found out i'm a bit stressed. in the mind games, my other friend won. it's awesome.

anyway. tt's my total haven still. *stomach rumble* and honestly, I don't know where i'd be without it. although my posting level's a bit low. V_V er, well...

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24 November 2006 @ 05:00 am
Lemme tell a bit 'bout meself. I am Anna Thomas, and I have a small family, of mum, dad, me. I love, love, love, Harry Potter books. Let's see ... er, I live in Vancouver, Canada. Precisely, Coquitlam. I live in a big house. like whoa. yay.

Ok ... I am a total internet addict and horse lover. 'Nuff said. I had school today. end of story, lol ... well, I'll see you all sooonnnn!!!